NLP Practitioner Training Course

Become an effective NLP Practitioner

Key Points


Duration: 12 days

Manuals included: Yes

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Exam format & Details: Practical Observation

Certification: Certified NLP Practitioner

Language: English


The NLP Practitioner Programme is designed to enable you to become an effective NLP Practitioner. You will learn the values, beliefs and techniques to enable you to achieve lasting change for yourself and for others.

Following successful completion of the course your certification is recognised by The Association for NLP (ANLP). You will receive the designation 'Certified NLP Practitioner'.

What is NLP?

Each person’s internal world is unique and formed by their individual experiences and:

N stands for Neuro – or neurological, meaning to do with the brain
L stands for Linguistic, or to do with language
P stands for Programming, meaning the way our behaviour reflects our internal thoughts and feelings

Applications of NLP

Essentially, NLP begins with curiosity.

The co- creators of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder, were curious about how some therapists were able to achieve results with clients where others were unable. They began with a simple question, “What is the difference the makes the difference?”.

Fundamentally, that is a really powerful question because it presupposes that anything that can be achieved by one person, can be achieved by another, given the right state- of- mind. This is a very empowering proposition if you think about it?

Dr Bandler and Dr Grinder created a meta- model to study the linguistic patterns and communication of Milton Erickson, Virgina Satir and Fritz Perls, amongst others, who were able to help their therapy clients find solutions and empower them to live more fulfilling lives. What were these people doing that others were not?

The meta- model forms the basis of a set of tools that allows you to take any skill or achievement and understand it from the perspective of the mental map of the achiever so that you can potentially replicate any skills.

Modelling, then, means that the applications of NLP are many and varied and as part of your NLP Practitioner Programme, you will learn to distil your own areas of expertise so that you can easily teach it to others.

Early bird discount: 15% off if you book up to one month before the start date - payment plans are available.

Next available dates:

Module 1: 25, 26, 27 September 2020
Module 2: 16,17,18 October 2020
Module 3: 13, 14, 15 November 2020
Module 4: 4, 5, 6 December 2020

Target Audience & pre-requisites

Who would benefit from doing this course?

Coaches, trainers, managers, therapists, Health Practitioners, Human Resources, Learners, Communicators, Leaders – indeed anyone who wants to be able to communicate even more effectively with others.

What is included?
  • Course manual
  • Certificate on completion
  • Lunch, tea, coffee, fruit juice

Practical observation

Frequently asked questions

Where is this course being held?

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Where can I stay during the course?

There is a Premier Inn 5 minutes walk from training centre


No Exam: £1,995.00
With Exam: £2,145.00


One to One Coaching - £249 per hour

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