Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means a great deal to us at BMLI. We believe that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place every day.

It is our great pleasure to announce our partnership with our chosen charity, Worldwide Action.

Worldwide Action works for the benefit of children in the world’s poorest countries, especially when there have been natural disasters which make life even more difficult. Worldwide Action engage in various projects, which include building classrooms for children where their schools have been damaged or destroyed. Their work has taken them to Kathmandu, in Nepal, following the Earthquakes in April 2015. They have built classrooms in far- flung places across the world including Nepal, Malawi and are currently helping the disaster effort in Lombok, Indonesia.

Whilst they are working to build classrooms, they engage with local specialists to provide expert support, including much needed medicine, first aid and clothing for baby and toddlers.

Find out more about the fascinating projects and work that this charity does. BMLI supports Worldwide Action through various initiatives in our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

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