Agile Health Check

From time- to- time, teams and wider organisations want to know where they are in relation to their agile transformation. People often look to maturity model or team health check workshops to help their teams to recognise where they are an where the opportunities are for improving.

At BMLI, we offer facilitated sessions to teams so we can guide them through the process and elicit insights and opportunities for change.

Of course, teams have lots of opportunities to surface improvements to their process, depending on the framework they have adopted. Retrospectives and other agile ceremonies provide space to inspect and adapt ways of working, so why do we need health checks?

We often find that teams who are focused on the delivery of products in complex environments use their retrospective opportunities to zoom in on their process and ways of working related to their product delivery. In other words, they are naturally highly focused on their current roles and context.

We have been amazed at the insights which have come out of creating space for the team to step back and collaboratively work through innovative ideas and creative ways to deliver.

Reach out to us and talk about arranging you team health check.


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